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Donna will get you FIT at home in Aventura FL

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Female Personal Trainer Donna


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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

My name is Donna. I offer Personal Training in North Miami Beach and the surrounding areas.  

At the age of 20 I began a fitness program of vigorous distance swimming and hard core aerobics.  By the ripe of age of 26 I was physically unable to do anything.  My body was completely burned out.  I had muscle aches and pains everywhere and could do absolutely nothing athletic. I was devastated. A trainer literally put me back together, working with me very carefully using light weights and some full body exercise slowly returning me to function. I was thrilled when I could finally get across the pool for one lap.

I then realized the importance of strength training. Resistance exercise, such as using weights, can not only rehabilitate muscle tissue, but prevent injury in the first place. I had a passion to become a Personal Trainer after that. 

After 10 years of Personal Training and 5 years of In-home Personal Training, I have learned that ANYONE can and should include Strength Training in their exercise program as long as the exercises are done correctly and are appropriate for that client. I have worked extensively with a group of Exercise Physiologists who specialized in Injury Prevention, who taught me correct technique, form and alignment among other things. 

So if I can do it after all of the physical challenges I went can you! No excuses. 

Personal Fitness Trainer Donna


Education/ Certifications

  • BA Binghamton University of New York

  • MS Nova Southeastern University

  • AFAA Personal Trainer Certification

  • Scirion Institute of Exercise Physiology Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

  • American Heart Association CPR Certified


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