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  • In Home Personal Training and Exercise - Personal Training in Comfort
    In Home Personal Training is becoming one of the most efficient ways for people to get and stay in shape these days. Personal trainers will now drive to and from your home, office or apartment condo to help you reach your fitness goals. You can even find personal trainers that actually drive a mobile gym to you, Amazing!

  • Build Muscle Fast - 3 Big Steps For Muscle Mass Explosion
    You go to the gym five even six days a week thinking that today will be different. You push yourself to the point of exhaustion with every rep and every set. So why aren't you seeing results? I will outline Three Big Steps to new found muscle mass.
  • Three Steps To Fat Loss - The Only Thing You Have To Lose Is Inches Or Your Patience
    You turn on the television, open a magazine, or read a newspaper and what do you see! Claims that you can trim that waist line with a certain exercise machine or fat loss product. Let me tell you they are not lying BUT!
  • Fat-Weight Loss Strategies - Don't Let It be a Dream - You Too Can be Lean
     Ever wonder what exactly the secrets are to becoming lean or losing weight? Having your body fat reach levels that not only get you second looks, but will also get you a WOW or two.
  • The Fat Loss VS Weight Loss Debate
    by Phil /Personal Trainer Philadelphia

    Our society focuses on “weight loss” and it always comes down to people loose muscle because they do not weight train. If you do not strength train, you will loose muscle, no question about it. Whether it is a weight loss center you are visiting, the best approach is to combine portion control, with variety with whole foods, fruits and vegetables, and small frequent meals with lean proteins!
  • Stability Ball Core Training
    by Phil /Personal Trainer Philadelphia

    The stability ball has come a long way as well as the medicine ball. Both are excellent for overall general conditioning, as well as power and speed training and resistance/core training.  Stability balls started off being used for rehab, but are not a common site in many fitness facilities.
  • Thirteen Most Popular Tips Given to my Clients
    by Phil /Personal Trainer Philadelphia
    :  You need to write down what you are putting into your body.  Otherwise you'll have no gauge as to whether or not something is working.  It can be a simple diary where you record the foods you eat, the times you eat them, and the portions.  This simple tip alone can help with fat loss success.
  • A Personal Trainers Most Frequently Asked Questions
    by Phil /Personal Trainer Philadelphia

    How come the scale shows me as being heavier, yet my body fat is less? Well your muscles use glycogen to perform resistance training. So are you start to weight train, your muscles will use store more and more glycogen. This in turn can make you heavier. Also, keep in mind, while a piece of muscle and fat both might weigh 5IBS, fat takes up 3 times as much space as muscle! Would you care if you were 5 IBS heavier , yet dropped two dress sizes? Also keep in mind your hydration status can greatly effect your weight! A better gauge of your fitness level is body fat!
  • How To Identify a Fad Diet
    by Phil /Personal Trainer Philadelphia

    Many clients in the past have asked me, how is this pill? Does it work? Can I eat anything and drop weight? How about this new pill called Ali? It is supposed to block fat from being absorbed. Does it help me lose weight?

  • Bodies In Motion are Healthy and Happy!
    by David /Personal Trainer New Jersey
    From the time we are born our motions and movements are our only form of exercise then eventually more specified exercise and sports come into play. We start with our arms and legs, then soon, our shoulders, back and neck.

  • Principle # 1 Evaluate Where You Are!
    by Tom /Personal Trainer Arizona
    You need to complete our FITNESS EVALUATION! It is pretty tough to know where you are going and how much progress you are making if you have no idea where you are at. Let me repeat a most important quote, “When performance is measured it improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”
  • Develop Physical Talents
    by Tom /Personal Trainer Arizona
    Get out and MOVE YOUR BODY! Do something you enjoy! Do something that motivates you to come back and do it again! Not everyone has to lift weights, or play in a softball league, or run a mile a day. Choose your activity, and make it fun! You will be more productive and happy both at work and at home
  • Nutritional Counseling
    by Amy /Personal Trainer Arizona
    Healthy eating and proper nutrition is a way of life, NOT a diet.  98% of all diets fail their clients for a variety of reasons whether it be too little carbohydrates, small food portions, starvation…they do not set healthy and realistic goals for the busy lives we all lead in today’s society. 
  • Did you Know?
    by Amy /Personal Trainer Arizona
    You can't starve fat off your body.  Why? Fat doesn't need to be fed. There is no "cure-all" diet. Everyone is genetically different and processes food differently. You are unique. Proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation is the only valid technique to achieve long term weight management. 
  • Are you ready to make a Change?
    by Jolene /Personal Trainer Florida
    Change, is the key word.  Just like in your daily life, you can’t go on doing the same thing in life and expect to get different results.  You do the same thing you get the same results.  Your body has all the potential to change its shape you just need to be willing to take the next step.
  • Fitness Evaluation Information
    by Eric /Personal Trainer Maryland
    Have you ever heard a trainer talk about a fitness evaluation or re-evaluation? What is the importance of these evaluations? When should they be done? What do the results represent? In fitness, as with anything else in life, it is important to get results
  • Ten Great Tips To Achieve The Body You Have Always Wanted
    by Eric /Personal Trainer Maryland
    Set goals-goals keep you focused and ensures progress. Make sure to set realistic, measurable, and attainable goals. Make sure to set short term, intermediate, and long term goals.
  • Exercise & Nutrition are important keys in Osteoporosis Prevention
    by Kristen /Personal Trainer Pennsylvania
    Women aren’t the only gender that has to be worried about Osteoporosis men and young people and athletes are at risk as well. Childhood bone diseases such as Rickets, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and medications such as chemotherapy and Corticosteriods can cause Osteoporosis. 
  • Best Information On Carbohydrates 
    by Trish /Personal Trainer Pennsylvania         
    They provide most of the energy required to run our bodies through a complex series of chemical reactions that start the moment we put a bit of carbohydrate-rich food into our mouths.
  • Fuel Your Workout
    by Matt /Personal Trainer North Carolina     
    To see real exercise results you must concentrate not only on what you do in the gym, but what you do outside of it.  This means that the foods you eat and the timing of the foods you eat play a vital role in how effective your workouts are. 
  • Stretch It Out in Different ways
    by Emily /Personal Trainer New Jersey
    To see real exercise results you must concentrate not only on what you do in the gym, but what you do outside of it.  This means that the foods you eat and the timing of the foods you eat play a vital role in how effective your workouts are. 


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