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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

I am a Personal Trainer in Huntington, NY and the local areas around listed above in New York

As an NFPT certified personal trainer, nutritional consultant and published author, Bill Novitsky has continued to improve the lives of others for more than two decades. His uniquely dynamic approach to fitness and nutrition is always in the state of growth and development.

In a fast paced, stressed filled society, Bill's techniques implement principles which successfully strengthen the body, mind and soul. While he remains detached from any one system of beliefs, his writings and speeches inspire and motivate us to free our inner spirit through fitness, nutrition and meditation.

At the epicenter of Bill's philosophy lies the truth, unfettered, unencumbered and unlimited. This philosophy carried out in his versatile training sessions, which include resistance training, yoga movements, Pilates, plyometrics and meditation

Bill has spent the past decade training individuals, as well as groups in the comfort of their own homes and places of work. His one on one sessions, group sessions and unique boot camps are intense, effective and conducive to any location or environment.
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Education/ Certifications

  • NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

  • CPR Certified



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