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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Ethel is a female  In Home Personal Trainer in Hoboken, NJ and surrounding areas. She is graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B.A. in Psychology.

Ethel has been working with children for the past five years, and was introduced to the health fitness industry two years ago. As a Hoboken Personal Trainer she trains children and adults of all ages and is passionate about helping Americans live healthier lifestyles.
Training both adults and children is a responsibility we must take, as Obesity and Diabetes Type II cases increase in the United States. My motto is “Training For A Healthier Lifestyle”, as I believe that while most people that contact a Hoboken Personal Trainer want to be ‘toned, sculpted, and at a goal weight’, the bigger issue is becoming healthy and preventing diseases instead of only treating them.
As a psychology major, I see many teenagers and adults coming to me with little self esteem and low self confidence. As a personal trainer in Hoboken, NJ, I work hard to modify their eating habits and train them so that they can achieve their goals within a six month to one year period. I believe that everyone can be healthy and get into their ideal shape with a base knowledge of nutrition and exercise regiments.
Ethel plans on furthering her education with a M.S. in Applied Physiology and Nutrition, as well as obtaining her ACE certification in the Fall.

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Education/ Certifications


  • AED/CPR Certified


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