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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi, I'm K. Marie a 38 yr old National Certified Personal Trainer in Hampton, GA, and Nutrition Consultant in the local area listed above in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. I began personal training back in 2002  in Virginia. I found a major interest in personal training back when I would work out off and on through the years after the birth of my two sons. In between both pregnancies I discovered that my body, and energy level was just not like it use to be. 

I started buying fitness magazines/educational books on fitness, and nutrition to understand the concept of fitness. I grew more and more interested in how to organize workouts, and design them based on my goal. I realized that this is something I absolutely have a passion for, and want to help so many people achieve their goals as well! 

I am so passionate about my craft in personal training that I made a decision to have my own personal training business. My goal is to assist all individuals of all ages, to incorporate fitness into their life! I motivate health, and fitness in living a life of fitness empowerment! As well as being a trainer I am also a NPC National Figure Competitor in the bodybuilding industry. As an athlete in the sport I have learned mental discipline with nutrition, and in training.

Our first complimentary consultation, will consist of: Discussing what your fitness goals are, Full Body Measurements, Body Fat Composition % Analysis Weigh In, Review Personal Training options of packages.

With all my experience in fitness I share my knowledge, and skills with all my clients to live healthier, fit lives! If you are interested in making fitness a part of your life, I am here to help!

Personal Trainer K. Marie


 Education/ Certifications

  • Apex National Certified-Sacramento, CA

  • NCSF Certified

  • NPC National Figure Competitor
  • National ZUMBA Certified Instructor-Basics 1
  • AAAI-ISMA Certified
  • CPR-AED Certified
  • SNBF-Bodybuilding, Figure, & Bikini Championships Marietta, GA- 3rd Place
  • NPC-Battle at the River, Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships Duluth, GA-2nd,1st, Won Overall Figure Masters


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