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  • Personal Trainer Specialties
  • Women Fitness and Exercise
    Certified Wellness Coach
  • Men Fitness and Strength Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Strength Training
  • Pre/Post Natal, Post Rehab
  • Core Conditioning Training
  • Balance & Flexibility Training
  • Functional Training
  • Sports Performance
  • Speed Agility and Quickness Trainer
  • Sports Injury
  • Personalized Exercise Program's
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Fin a Personal Trainer in: Bala Cynwyd, PA, Berwyn, PA and the local areas
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Bio/ Background

"I'm Phil. I reside in Springfield, Pa. Allow me to be your coach in helping you achieve your healthier lifestyle goals! Whether it is Nutrition Counseling, Personal Training in PA, or life/wellness coaching.

I went from being a MVP in HS sports to a sedentary lifestyle, ultimately becoming obese after entering my college years. I had a wakeup call after doing a physical examination with my doctor that showed my BMI (body mass index) as being really bad for someone my height and weight. Granted BMI isn't the best calculator of health, nor should it be THE only way to determine someone's current fitness level or health level, but it is what he used.

After seeing my BMI was so bad and my doctor encourage me to do something about it, I did. I joined a local gym and used to workout incorrectly. I was over-training, working the same muscle groups day in and day out, doing too much cardio, until one day I decided to hire a personal trainer. He put me on a cardio and weight training program, monitored my nutrition and after a few months, I had gone down to 15% body fat! View Phil Nicolaou Fitness Success Stories

He then asked me, why not pursue personal training as a career or part time option? He felt I'd be great at it. I'm compassionate, caring, motivating, and can make people laugh. The exercise science stuff he felt I could learn.

So I enrolled in my first "certified personal trainer course" back in 2000. I started training some of his clients a year before that though.

Since then, after a decade of personal training experience, countless clients successes later, I can help you! I know what it is to go from being obese and unhealthy to being healthy! It took hard work and consistency, however, allow me to show you what I learned through my own personal "weight loss" experience and what I've learned through my decade of experience. Let me show you the shortcuts that are effective, safe and fun to get you results fast!

I have a Dual Masters Degree in Fitness Training and Medical Fitness Specialization from The Fitness Institute of Technology and currently in pursuit of my Dual PhD.
I have over 33 nationally accredited certifications, from two of the major certifying bodies in the industry, IFPA and NESTA. I also am certified as a Master Personal Trainer through these two organizations in addition to Sports Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition.

So I went above and beyond the regular trainer in terms of education, making it my business to be in the know for the most advanced scientific information for your exercise program. You could say its a passion! So combining my education, experience and my unique ability to motivate, encourage and support you through each session and through your transition, you'll get RESULTS with me.

To top it all off, I take the time to take you to a supermarket to show you what to buy and what to avoid. Its all part of coaching you.

Take a closer look at my credentials listed below. You won't find a more qualified trainer in the Philadelphia area.

Here's what Jim Bell PhD, President of the IFPA and Fitness Institute of Technology had to say about me as a trainer,

"Dr. Bell , President of the IFPA had this to say about me as a fitness professional. ‘You have the knowledge and expertise far above and beyond the average trainer. You have learned your lessons well and we are honored to have you part of the IFPA team! Your solid documented experience and outstanding academic achievements has made us want to have you as a coach at our regional personal trainers workshop to teach up and coming trainers what you've learned so well”

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer In Bala Cynwyd, Phil


Education/ Certifications

  • PHD Fitness Training/Medical Fitness from The Fitness Institute (accreditation in progress)

  • NASM Master Personal Trainer

  • Dual Masters of Science in Applied Science of Fitness Training & Medical Fitness   Specialization (non-accredited)

  • Obesity Specialist Training

  • ENW Certified Strength Rehab Specialist

  • NESTA Certified Food Psychology Coach

  • Certified Advanced Fitness Nutritionist and Chef

  • Certified Lifestyle / Wellness Coach

  • Customized nutrition program using special software...

  • Certified Matt and Ball Pilates instructor

  • Certified Functional Training Specialist

  • Certified Core Conditioning Specialist

  • Certified Post-Rehab Trainer

  • Certified Sports Injury Trainer,

  • Certified Sports Performance Trainer

  • Certified Special Needs/population Trainer

  • Certified Circuit Training Coach

  • Certified Biomechanics Trainer

  • Certified Water Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Sport Performance Trainer

  • Certified Speed , Agility and Quickness Trainer

  • IFPA Certified Master Personal Trainer

  • IFPA Certified women's fitness specialist

  • IFPA Certified Functional Trainer

  • IFPA Certified Advanced Flexibility Specialist.

  • IFPA Certified Strength Band Trainer.

  • IFPA Optimum Performance and Body Building Trainer

  • IFPA Certified Core Trainer and Medicine/Stability Ball Trainer.

  • IFPA advanced sports nutrition and regular sports nutrition

  • IFPA program design specialist

  • IFPA post rehab specialist

  • IFPA Obesity Trainer

  • IFPA Womens Pre and Post Natal Specialist

  • ISSA Master Personal Trainer (Nutrition, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Post-Rehab Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

  • IFPA Special Populations Trainer. People with chronic diseases and dysfunctions, including but not limted to, Obesity, MS, Parkinsons, High BP, Obesity, Frailty, Cancer, Immune Disorders, Chronic Fafitue, Anemia, Low Back Pain, Cerebral Pals and more."

  • Certified Wellness Coach


Fitness Certification       Personal Trainer Certification

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