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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Gary is an ACE  certified personal trainer in Newtown, PA with many years of experience in the fitness industry. As a former manager of fitness equipment retail stores he developed an excellent ability to communicate with his customers to understand their needs and goals so they may improve their level of health and fitness. During his tenure at Omni Fitness and the Fitness Source, Gary developed a passion for personal training becoming adept at designing exercise programs for different populations.
He is an avid cyclist, tennis player and runner. Living in Newtown you can often see him running on the tow path by the Delaware River or in the hills of both Bucks and Hunterdon counties cycling. His enthusiasm for fitness and teaching enable him to set an example for his clients who seek guidance and motivation in their exercise regiment.    
He currently holds an ACE certification in personal training having been certified since 1996. But what truly sets Gary apart is his practical experience in personal training. He has successfully trained under the auspices of physical therapists enabling him to specifically develop targeted exercise programs that produce results through better posture, improved core function, and mobility.  Of course he also teaches his clients the other components of fitness including strength and conditioning programs for weight loss, flexibility, and improved athletic performance. In designing an exercise program, Gary utilizes the latest methods and techniques so the client may achieve his or her goals safely and surely .    
Two of his clients, both and Marcia and Joan, have enhanced their level of fitness through weight loss, improved muscle tone, and better mobility. They have become dedicated to their fitness regiment and are now independent in their exercise process.  Gary is always in communication with his clients to confirm they are following their fitness protocols and to insure their continued success. He implores his clients to have fun and challenges them to a host of new exercises as their skill and levels of fitness improve.
Gary can help you meet your exercise and fitness goals. Call him if you have any questions or would like a free consultation and evaluation.


Education/ Certifications

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Eastern University, Wayne, Pa. Bachelor of Arts: Organizational Business Management
  • Servant Leader Award at Eastern University for inspiring others, encouraging teamwork and striving for improvement
  • Deanís Honor List, Bucks County Community College
  • American Red Cross, Adult, Child and Infant CPR Certified


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