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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

 Hello my name is Ed. I am a Certified Personal Trainer in Nazareth as well as a KBC trained kettlebell instructor. I have been in the fitness world for over 20 yrs including experience in Boxing, Tae kwon Do, Thai kickboxing as well conducting physical training in the US Marine Corps.

 I call my program FULL SPECTRUM TRAINING. This simply means we train all the most important components of fitness in each session. Strength, cardio conditioning, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance. We accomplish this by using methods and exercises that have a high functional value which means they help you prepare for the demands of everyday living as well as sports and athletics No Frankenstein training here { body part training} We train the whole body to operate as it was designed, a beautifully integrated system not a collection of isolated muscles.
 I use exciting and fun modalities such as KETTLEBELLS, THE TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER, BATTLING ROPES, and of course FREE WEIGHTS and BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES. Your cardio respiratory system will be greatly improved using my METABOLIC DISRUPTION SYSTEM. no long boring treadmill walks to nowhere. Short intense but super productive protocols are what's called for and preferred by people who don't have the time or desire to spend countless hours doing long slow boring steady state cardio training.

 Give my system a try enter the world of cutting edge training and enjoy the benefits of improved strength, body composition, and an all around feeling of well being.
"TAKE ACTION " schedule an appointment today. Ed.



Education/ Certifications

  • Witts Certified Personal Trainer
  • KBC Trained Kettlebell Instructor
  • Martial artist
  • Military Trainer
  • CPR First Aid certified and fully insured
  • Athletic and Performance Trainer      


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