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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Stephanie is a In Home Personal Trainer in Jupiter FL and the local areas. Stephanie is also a certified Senior Wellness Specialist in the LROME™(Limited Range of Motion Exercise) methodology. LROME™ is a scientifically proven and proprietary strength training methodology that is safe and effective for all people. It is used by our over 600 Clients on the East Coast.

For the past 8 years she has provided personal one-on-one training, focusing on those over 50 years of age. More recently, she has completed her Master’s degree in nutrition and is now a Registered Dietitian.

With her background in fitness and nutrition she focuses on those with a desire to increase strength and improve body composition while bettering their overall health. She was born with a love and passion for exercise and has been involved in the fitness industry since 2008.

Stephanie has a natural energy and drive to help her Clients incorporate health and fitness into their lives. She loves to teach her Clients to understand the benefits of all dimensions in fitness including strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility.

Stephanie enjoys staying active, boating, cooking, and learning. She is a student of life.

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Education/ Certifications

  • LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise™) Certified
  • Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Licensed and Registered Dietitian
  • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) American College of Sports Medicine
  • CPR/AED American Heart Association


Learn more about Personal Training in Jupiter FL with Stephanie. Submit your name, e-mail, address, city and any comments/ questions you might have or call 1-800 439 5182 for more information.

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