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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Sherri is a Personal Trainer in Huntingdon Valley, PA and the surrounding areas. She grew up in the south (Kentucky and Tennessee) and relocated to Pennsylvania more than 20 years ago. Sherri started dancing as a child and she reestablished her dreams, became a professional dancer and choreographer as well as fitness trainer and now she is a Exercise Video Artist! 

Sherri’s passion for fitness originates from 30 years of dance, martial arts, personal training, health and wellness. Before she was a huge fitness success, Sherri struggled with her own weight. After a hard divorce she had packed on the weight. She had to regain herself and figure out  away to raise kids and still make time to work out and eat right, She also realized that the word working out was not appealing and wanted to change that to having fun while working out! She knows as well as anyone how difficult it can be to lose weight. She was determined to reach her goals — and through dedication and hard work she did. Now she's determined to help you reach your goals.

Sherri has designed several fitness programs. The overall mission of Sherri’s is to confuse your body into change with cross training. – Which results in a lean figure that is not bulky? Sherri’s classes as well as her personal training have transformed the bodies of countless women to achieve toned and defined bodies that are the envy of everyone!

Sherri is constantly developing new workouts for her clients so they stay inspired and motivated! No Boring workouts allowed!!!

Everyone is an individual and should thus be treated as one. No two people are alike and their needs and demands are different.  As your personal trainer I will listen to your needs and wants and come up with a winning program that will help you personally achieve your goals. 

There is no cookie cutter training here just custom made for you!


Education/ Certifications

  • AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
  • AAAI Primary Aerobics Certified
  • Johnny G. Spinning Certified
  • ISCA Kick Boxing Certified
  • Zumba 1 & 2
  • Bokwa level 1 & 2
  • AAAI Fitness Facility Director

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