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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

My name is Chris. I am a Personal Trainer in Philadelphia and the local areas. I have been a fitness professional for over 7 years, providing safe, fun & effective programs for my clients both in the gym and in the comfort of their own home. My emphasis has been in the area of senior fitness; youth fitness programming; weight/strength/resistance training; body sculpting classes; post-surgical/post rehab recovery programming and post-natal recovery (incl.C-section).

Creating a daily fitness routine and accompanying nutrition regimen can seem like an ineffective maze. I am here to help. I will create an effective, full-rounded program which follows a physician's/therapist's guidance; a program that is manageable and yet effective. My philosophy is to choose activities that are enjoyed and can be incorporated into daily/weekly life and yet produce results within expected time frames (dependent upon program/nutrition adherence).

Arming a client with basic tenets of physiology & exercise science goes a LONG way towards safe, effective training for a life time. Thus, I am adamant about explaining each exercise & each nutrition guidance. The body is a science and when armed with the tools of knowledge, ANY client can reach their fitness goal.

I am a warm and affable trainer who would rather connect with clients through encouragement & knowledge. Think the opposite of "The Biggest Loser" trainers. I can provide encouraging, helpful texts & emails as a supplement to our sessions so that you have a constant "Coach" no matter where you go.

Let me know your fitness dreams and let me assist you reach them. It CAN be done. I've done it myself. 


Education/ Certifications

  • La Salle University MA Candadite, Industrial Organization Psychology
  • University of Michigan BA Child Development Psychology
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Madd Dog Athletics Certified Group Instructor
  • Silver Fit Certification for Senior Lifestyle, Ability and health concerns
  • Montessori Physical Education Teacher
  • CPR/AED Certified

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