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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background.

Hi, my name is Steve and I am a Personal Trainer in Denville, NJ located in the Morris County NJ region and surrounding areas.  I have many years of experience working with a wide range of people from athletes to senior citizens to children.

I also specialize in and enjoy working with people with disabilities and special needs. I have certifications in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, as well as an abundance of other areas of expertise.  My experience as an elementary school Physical Education teacher helps me to relate to all levels of ability among my clients.

I enjoy a variety of exercises and physical activity but my favorite work outs include weightlifting, and all types of cardio. I am very physically active and can often be found hiking, camping, rock climbing and kayaking among other activities.

One of my greatest passions is helping to make a positive impact on my clients and their lives. Whether it is to gain better health habits, implement stronger fitness routines, or increase your energy and vitality, I am here to help you achieve your goals… And to have a great time doing it!

I believe that you are great as your current self, but if and when you want to make a shift for the better feel free to reach me for a free consultation a

Thank you and have a great day, Steve

Education/ Certifications

  • Kean University of New Jersey,  B.S. Exercise science, Business, Minor Psychology 

  • ACSM American College of Sports Medicine

  • ISSA International Sports Sciences Association

  • ABMP Association of Body Workers and Massage Therapists

  • ACE  American Council on Exercise

  • AAAI  Pilates 

  • AAAI  Kids and Teens Fitness Certification 

  • Reike Training levels1-3

  • Lomi Lomi Massage Training Certification

  • Kwando Kick Boxing Certification

  • HITA  Himalayan Institute Teachers Association

  • Teacher Certification in Physical Education K-5

  • Institute of Applied Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy  Certified Hypnotherapist 

  • Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics ,Denville N.J. Certificate Massage Therapy (Swedish, Reflexology, Health Touch)

  • NJEA New Jersey Education Association


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