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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi My name is John, I am a In Home Personal Trainer in Casselberry, FL and the surrounding areas. I have over 15 years of experience in research and education as a certified trainer with Fitness Institute International. I am well educated in the science behind strength training and how it affects health issues such as osteoporosis, carpal tunnel, arthritis and other joint related issues. I have also trained at numerous gyms in the Central Florida area since 2003.
I am committed to helping you set achievable fitness and lifestyle goals and also with setting and reaching new ones. It is my desire to be your fitness consultant for life and to assist you with the development of an exercise and nutrition program that will aid you in reaching your full potential. Allow me the privilege of serving you.
As an Exercise Specialist, I have developed and identified the following proven techniques and concepts that will help each of my clients reach their maximum potential to enjoy a healthy and more productive lifestyle. I have helped my clients in the following areas listed. Results oriented, customized work outs, Rehabilitation workouts which slow and controlled movements, assistance in achieving permanent weight loss with increased muscle mass, application of the "pay me now or pay me later" concept, the gift of good health through the science of proven exercise techniques and nutrition and lifestyle changes, improved quality of life, improved health and quality of life,
 My Mission Statement:
1. To empower, educate and motivate my clientele to reach their full potential.
2. Stress management to encourage application of what each client has learned and to share it with    family, friends and co-workers.
3. Building relationships, one client at a time.

Please contact me today for a consultation. John


 Education/ Certifications

  • Certified Trainer with Fitness Institute International.
  • Exercise Specialist
  • CPR Certification/ AED
  • First Aid

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