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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

"Hi! My name is Ashley and I am an In Home Personal Trainer in the Orlando Florida area. (Surrounding areas as well such as Winter Garden, Windermere, Dr. Phillips & Lake Buena Vista)  I have been a CPT since 2011, certified through Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Health and fitness has always been a huge passion of mine. Growing up I was in sports such as soccer, cheerleading and dance.  

Shortly after moving to Florida from Buffalo, I gained "happy-stress" weight.  I was living far away from my family which caused me to be stressed.  But at the same time I met my  then boyfriend, now husband,we ate out a lot and we both weren't very active. I quickly grew un-happy with myself and decided it was time for a change.

I looked into getting my Personal Trainer certification, did the schooling and I started working in a gym.  It was a great way for me to hold myself accountable while also meeting a lot of individuals looking for help with their health and fitness goals. It  was also an opportunity to gain some knowledge through continuing education because this field of work is always changing and evolving for the better. I eventually went and got certified through TRX and Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Compression Techniques as well.

My goal when working with clients is to help them determine their short term & long term goals. Then we work together to achieve those specific goals. I like to remind my clients that the work isn't easy, but it is very rewarding.  My clients know that it is both a healthy lifestyle through nutrition as well as exercise that will lead them to their accomplishments. I do express to my clients that no two workout programs are the same. Everyone has a different body or goal and for that alone, each program design is different.

As far as my training style, I specialize in women's fitness, TRX, strength training, tabata/hiit, corrective exercises to get back into proper working out and interval training.

Typically I like to do a sit down with my clients prior to their start date.  Is it a nice way for us to get to know each other, ask questions, and feel comfortable with each other before training.  I also give my clients the option to do body measurements before they start their sessions, which can be done at their start date.  

Package purchases are available, and typically are recommended to someone that is serious about their goals.

I truly love what I do, and I know it shows through my training.  With that being said, I hope to someday work with you on achieving your short & long term goals while also living a healthy lifestyle!"                         


Education/ Certifications

  • Masters in Kinesiology
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist
  • Certified Life Coach
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
  • CPR/First Aid Certified


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