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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

I am Teresa, a graduate of North Carolina Central University, an AFAA certified aerobics instructor and athletic trainer of 12 years, a fitness consultant and enthusiast, and the owner and operator of a Personal Trainer Studio in Raleigh. also offering in home personal training.

Health and wellness has been an integral part of my life since I can remember. It has ultimately manifested into a love of group fitness, personal training in Raleigh and a sincere desire to share the endless benefits of a healthy lifestyle with others. For almost three decades, I have promoted the concept of healthy body, mind, and spirit through my personal lifestyle. I recognized part of a life-long dream.
I refuse to believe that with age automatically comes a lesser quality of life. I think that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you, but like most vehicles, if you donít keep it finely tuned, if you consistently  use cheap fuel. Recognize that without good physical health and emotional and spiritual wellness, the other facets of life, including but not restricted to, marriage, parenthood, work, and recreation are adversely impacted and, in some cases, impossible to sustain. Often times confidence, motivation, and drive stems directly from being comfortable in your skin and having a sense of control over your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Although there are things in life that you cannot change or control, but your health doesn't have to be one of them.

My advice, acknowledge that making smarter choices and living a healthier lifestyle isn't just about vanity. Itís about feeling good on the inside and creating a much needed balance. Itís about having more good days than bad. Itís about controlling the prevalence of obesity-related illnesses with something other than a prescription. It goes beyond adding days to your life. It also encompasses adding life and energy to your days. Bottom line, no sound structure will stand very long on a weak foundation. 

Take the first step in achieving your goal!  Contact me for a consultation. Teresa


Education/ Certifications

  • North Carolina Central University graduate
  • AFAA Certified Aerobics Instructor
  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • Adult CPR Certified
  • AED Certified

Contact Teresa

Learn more about Teresa Personal Trainer in Raleigh NC. Submit your name, e-mail, address, city and any comments/ questions you might have or call 1-(800) 439 5182.

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