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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi my name is Kenroy. I am a Certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer in Metro Atlanta, GA I'm also a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Woman's Fitness Specialist.

Health and Fitness is essential I believe is everyone's personal wealth that's essential.
I've been active in fitness and health since High School, training with track team, and then later training a squad of guys which the Marines recruited after graduation.  

My style of training is to help achieve a balance of mind and body, approach everyone with professionalism, clients receive specific-nutritional program/counseling, strength, mobility, and agility training. This way of training has been developed from over  a decade of training, combined with an ability to build a fitness regimen around the schedules and life-styles of anyone.  

My goal is to help people on their journey to being their personal best. I look forward to helping you reach your personal goals!

Personal Trainer Kenroy

 Education/ Certifications

  • IFPA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

  • Senior Personal Trainer

  • Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification
  • Women's Fitness Specialist
  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED | American Red Cross
  • Additional Course Curriculum and Education & Training: Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Advanced Strength Training and Sports Medicine, Bosu
    Experience2004 2012


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