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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm a Personal Trainer in McMurray, PA and the surrounding areas. Fitness has always been an important part of my life. I competed in numerous sports growing up including rowing, soccer, track & field, and cross country and was always very active.

Physical fitness was my passion and I continued on to row at a division one school in college. After college I continued my rowing pursuits, making the United States Rowing National Team. Through my rowing training in college and the Olympic training centers it confirmed that I wanted to have a career working with people in the fitness and athletics.
I went to the National Personal Training Institute where I became a certified personal trainer and gained more knowledge to add to what I had already learned from my own experiences. This schooling also allowed me to become a certified nutrition consultant.  I have always believed fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, so learning nutrition has helped me to help my clients.
I have helped people of all abilities and ages reach their individual goals. I have worked with the seasoned athlete, the elderly who just want to stay healthy and active, and even the novice worker outer who has never touched a weight before. I am a very creative person and my goal is to keep things different and new so the client never gets bored and is excited for each new workout they tackle. 

I love helping people reach their goals no matter what they are. I look forward to helping you attain what you are looking for!

Nicole-Personal Trainer


Education/ Certifications

  • B.A., Sociology- University of Wisconsin
  • NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) certified personal trainer
  • Certified nutrition consultant
  • National Personal Training Institute
  • NPTI 100 hours of Basic Nutrition
  • NPTI 100 hours of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Red Cross CPR/AED certified

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