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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi I'm Kevin. I am a Certified In Home Personal Trainer in Orange County, CA, Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Pre and Post Natal Instructor.

I became a Trainer over 15 years ago because I have had fitness, cycling and martial art trainers starting at a young age. I have been an athlete all of my life and I believe even the best athletes in the world still have trainers today. My passion is simply helping people work for their results and delivering success as a product.

My fitness motto is to win! Be the best. Lead by example. Show my best fitness results who I am and others will follow. Feed your body like the best race car out there with quality fitness and you can do anything in life. "Service to many, leads to greatness", "Help as many people get what they want and you can have anything you want"

My approach is to build rapport, relationships, communication and having a solid strategic plan to follow through. Identify and listen closely to the person or client I am working with and "find something in common with that person". Design and specialize a program for that person so they know I care.

Client Testimonial: "The level of service has been remarkable! I've seen improvement that I have not ever experienced before. I had a severe 7 millimeter herniated disc that was so uncomfortable I was unable to drive in my car more then 1 hour. After the 1st month and half working with Kevin, not only is the pain gone but I have also lost an extra 12LBS and 8 inches off my waist. I will use this program the rest of my life."

Margie P-Orange County, CA.


Education/ Certifications

  • Masters Degree in Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
  • Lifestyle Fitness Coach
  • Pre and Post Natal Instructor
  • CPR -First Aid


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