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Bio/ Background


Jason is a certified personal trainer in Cherry Hill NJ and the local areas. He is an insured personal wellness coach, fitness trainer, and nutrition expert specializing in boxing training for weight loss and endurance, accredited from the National Personal Trainer Institute of Philadelphia. Having garnered industry attention as the most sought after “wedding trainer” in the Philadelphia and New York City metropolitan areas, Jason grew his book turing brides-to-be into the brides they were destined to be.

It was these 90-Day and 180-Day high intensity training courses that not only boosted confidence and alleviated the stress of wedding planning, but also helped clients achieve the “ultimate goal” (the usual of “fitting into the dress”). One client lead to another, and another, and before he knew it, Jason was finding more and more public figures in his presence.

Eventually this pattern led the budding wellness guru to ABC News chief meteorologist and American television personality, Ginger Zee, whose time with him inspired an appearance on the popular ABC morning program Good Morning America.



Education/ Certifications

  • NPTI Certified (National Personal Trainer Institute)
  • Nutrition Expert
  • CPR and First Aid


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