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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi Im Julie. A female in home personal trainer in New York City and NJ. I am a nationally certified personal trainer holding my CSCS from the NSCA. This certification covers all that a CPT does with the added specializations in Athletic Training and Nutrition.

What led me to become a personal trainer is a long road. When I was a younger I always “looked fit.” I took advantage of that and didn't begin to challenge myself, physically, until high school. My freshman year I joined track and field to run, but found I was too out of shape to keep up with the most beginner workouts. Instead I switched to throwing shotput, javelin and discus. I learned how much I love power lifting! After three years of track and field, I started designing workout programs for myself and practically lived in the gym in college. After I graduated with an associates in secondary education and a bachelors in Psychology, I needed a career that would allow me to support my goals of returning to school for a Masters then PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience. What better for a gym rat, social scientist and teacher than to become a personal trainer?

Working in this industry I have worked with a wide range of clients. I have worked with a 19 year old woman to lose 4 pounds of fat and gain lean muscle before her temporary assignment in Florida. I also worked with a 45 year old and his PT to help him recover as quickly as possible from an invasive spinal fusion. His PT was astounded by the rate that he improved that they ended sessions two weeks early. I will always utilize any resource available to educate me on any new challenge thrown at me including NSCA scientific journals, physical therapist friends and the experiences of my personal trainer friends.

I understand that everyone has their own reasons for finding their personal trainer. I will always respect your goals and help you to identify goals that you may have overlooked such as posture and injury prevention. I love to train athletes to injury rehab and any and everyone in between. Your needs are unique. Utilize the skill set of a woman with years of experience, hundreds of hours of formal education and thousands of hours of active observation.

Let me help you reach your fitness goals, Julie



Education/ Certifications

  • CSCS

  • NSCA Nationally Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

  • Associates in Secondary Education

  • Bachelors in Psychology,

  • Masters then PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience

  • CPR Certified

Learn more about In Home Personal Trainer Julie. Submit your name, e-mail, address, city and any comments/ questions you might have or call
1-(800) 439 5182.


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