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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background.

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I’m a I am a Female Personal Trainer in Philadelphia and have been training clients here for about 7 years now. I feel very fortunate to love what I do and have some amazing clients who I get to help achieve their goals, whatever they may be. My relationships with my clients are such a wonderful reward that allows me to continue to help them even after initial goals have been met.

I was always athletic growing up and was extremely lucky to have a family that believed in keeping us active and making sure we ate healthy. So the ground work was always there for me. I always knew it was very important to stay healthy and fit. Still, I got off track after college and with some work and a little dedication I got back to where I needed to be and started feeling great again. Having studied Kinesiology in college, I was ready to get back to helping others achieve their goals.

I’m a big believer in challenging people but not at the expense of creating a program that no one can realistically fit into their life. This has to be enjoyable, it has to be rewarding, but if you can’t actually do it then it doesn’t matter. Individualized programs are a must and getting to know my clients and what they can do and what they want to be able to do are very important to me.

My clients range in age from 26 to 78.  I currently work with several clients that have special needs so I’m happy to help anyone. Just get in touch and ask any questions you may have. I also coach endurance athletes for running races/multi-sport events so I’d love to help anyone interested  in those areas as well.

Fitness matters…a lot. It may be the thing that makes you say “yes” to a hiking trip or “no” because you’re not confident you can do it.  It matters and it affects our life experience. I’ve overcome some big challenges in my life and they’ve only made me stronger and by conquering such an important one and taking control of your fitness you really can change your life. I’m happy to help, just get in touch

Personal Trainer Stephanie

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Education/ Certifications

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Specialties in Clinical Exercise
  • First Aid and CPR (American Red Cross)

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