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 Binghamton Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

 I have taught fitness for over 17 years in martial arts, the military, and privately.  My exercise and health experience began with martial arts where I have instructed children as young as four-years-old up to adults in their 80’s.  I continued my education and experience as a student athletic trainer where I worked with hundreds of collegiate athletes treating chronic and acute injuries.  At that time, I also worked as an exercise physiology intern for a “high-end” health club.  I have led group exercise programs for military officer candidates including a personal program for Special Forces selection.  I continue to train martial arts students in technique and general fitness as well as private in-home fitness instruction.

 Functional fitness and nutrition are my primary concerns.  Our bodies are remarkably similar and our needs vary primarily in degree.  Whether young or old, professional athlete or stay-at-home parent, your personal exercise program should enable healthy participation in a wide variety of activities throughout your life.  Your diet should enable your body to develop and maintain healthy mobility with minimal pain for many years.  Whether you are training to be an elite athlete or to keep the signs of aging away, I can help you achieve optimal health that will make your work-out partners and friends wonder how you continue to excel no matter what you’re doing.

 I look forward to helping you attain your health and fitness goals!

 Personal Fitness Trainer in Binghamton, Steve.



Education/ Certifications

  • B.S Degree in Exercise Physiology/Athletic Training

  • 3Rd Degree Black Belt

  • Red Cross/CPR/AED/ First Aid Certified

  • Training Chiropractic Technician for Structural & Scoliosis Correction



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