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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

My mission is to create an environment which encourages and facilitates individuals to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine by providing a variety of mobile and online fitness services to people of all ages and fitness levels in order to foster a healthier lifestyle".

Nathalie, is an internationally experienced Fitness Expert with the ability to motivate, educate and help you reach your fitness goals. She is a dynamic and energetic professional with a versatile combination of experience and qualifications, which surpasses those of other personal trainers.

Her travels continued another two years when she was employed with Club Med in Mexico, aboard a Cruise Ship and lastly, in the Bahamas. It was in the resort city of Cancun that she began attending and then teaching aerobic classes to visiting tourists.

Upon her return to Canada, she went back to school for yet another year and became a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) and Pilates Matwork Instructor. A few years later, she added the certification of Nutritional & Wellness Specialist (NWS

Personal Training Services Offered

Fitness Consultation
A Fitness Consultation will address your daily activities and other lifestyle habits and determine where you need to make modifications in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Counseling will be provided to help you make changes and influence your personal holistic health. In turn, health enhancement is the end result.

Fitness Appraisal
The Fitness Appraisal (a.k.a. Fitness Evaluation or Fitness Assessment) consists of a resting heart rate, a body composition measurement and an aerobic fitness assessment. Your results will be explained to you in detail so that you are aware of your health profile.

Nutritional and Wellness Consultations
Your Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS) will evaluate your nutritional intake, physical activity and holistic wellness in order to assist in the implementation of changes for optimum health. This type of counseling and coaching will directly improve your life by helping you make healthy and long term lifestyle changes

Independent Home Program
A prescribed exercise program specifically designed to "jump start" your daily exercise regime independently in the privacy of your own home or office. This consists of 2 one hour sessions where your Fitness Professional will evaluate your fitness level, give you basic nutritional counseling and demonstrate a series of specific exercises aimed at targeting large muscle groups. You will learn how to properly stretch and how to determine your (aerobic) target heart rate. You will also be given a booklet containing an exercise journal to help you keep track of your progression. A follow up is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

 I look forward to helping you reach your Health and Fitness Goals

 Personal fitness trainer in Ellwood City Nathalie



Education/ Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS)

  • Certification of Nutritional & Wellness Specialist (NWS)

  • Pilates Mat work Instructor

  • Red Cross CPR certified


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