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Success Story
On my very first session with Susan she assessed my flexibility, strength, and cardio conditioning level.    From that assessment she designed a workout that was created at my level.  As I progressed in strength and conditioning she increased the intensity of the workouts.
When I injured myself while motorcycle riding, Susan tailored exercises so that I still had a great workout while allowing my injury to heal.
In the beginning I was apprehensive to begin sessions with a personal trainer.  Susan gave me a well structured workout that allowed me to gain confidence in a kind and encouraging environment.  She continues to encourage me to gain optimal health through exercise and diet.
I find the sessions to be very convenient.  She has a wide variety of exercises and equipment that she brings right to my doorstep.  She also varies the workouts so that I am always interested and curious about what we will do that day.  In her unique and interesting manner she keeps me laughing throughout the toughest workouts.
Susan is very knowledgeable and professional.  She is also fair and prompt with her appointments and scheduling.  She will not only train you, but will teach proper form, progression, and has the expertise to take you as far as you are willing to go.
I find Susan to be a knowledgeable and professional trainer, and her workouts to be challenging, adaptable, and convenient.  Without reservation I can highly recommend Susan as a personal trainer.
Carolyn, Orlando, FL

Success Story

Susan is the best personal trainer in the world.  I am 34 year old women and I love the way she trains.  I love it because she gives a very good workout.  It makes my body feel great.  At the beginning my body was sore but after my body gets used to it; it is wonderful. 

I would truly recommend Susan to anyone wants a very good and mean body.  She is a very professional and friendly trainer.  She makes you feel comfortable and best of all she motivates you.
Fatima, Kissimmee Florida

Success Story

Susan has been just what i needed to  get myself back on track.  Before I decided to work with Susan, I had been wasting my money on a gym membership.  Although I knew that I needed to get back into shape, especially with my high blood pressure, I couldn't get myself motivated enough to do so.  Also,  the trainers there didn't seem to truly care about my individual needs. Their workouts were made for the masses. 
Susan has been a blessing.  She caters her workouts to suit my capabilities and her knowledge is vast.  She takes care to not only show me each exercise correctly, but she also tells me what muscle I'm working and how it's benefiting from what I'm doing.  Her workouts are different with every session so that I won't be bored and her attitude and kind spirit shows through every time I see her.  Susan is amazing. 
From beginning to end, she keeps me going, pushing me through with each rep.  I always look forward to her workouts, torture twists and all!!!"
Barbara, Orlando, FL

Success Story

We have had Susan as our personal trainer for over a year. She has helped us to be more active and healthier. My husband and I are in our 80's and Susan has been a god-send to us. She gets us to exercise even though we don't always want to and she does it with humor .She's a delight to have around and we don't know what we'd do without her.
We can't recommend her highly enough!
Betty and Lou, Windermere, Fl.

Success Story
Hi Susan its me Cindy, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me. The first thing that I'm the most impress with, is that I can actually run. I feel alot more  confidence and I feel like for the first time I'm doing something for my self. I'm 39 years old and I'm not still at my goal weight, but I feel better then I was 25. I am positive for lupus and this training has helped me gain more muscle I actually can see it in my arms. and when you measured me and told me a had 1 inch off my waist and of my flabby arms, that was just the best. I am very purterican and I love to eat rice and beans, pernil, and all those things... I can still do it with moderation and it feels so good to not gain weight. Thank you so much, I feel alot better and with alot more energy.
Cindy, Poinciana Fla.

Success Story

To Whom It May Concern:

Last year November, I suffered from a stroke on the right side of my body and I could not use my right arm. The least bit of movement is my right arm would trigger excruciating pain.
Nevertheless, Susan worked with me on several occasions for my treatment. The therapy consisted of lifting weights and variety of exercises including ranger motions. This helped my recovery tremendously. Now I am able to my move right arm again to do just about everything I use to do before my stroke. Susan is still working with me to reach a full recovery. I will not hesitate to recommend this wonderful, loving personal trainer who will come to your home on your schedule for your benefit.
I am grateful that I was blessed to have found Susan. Working with her has made my tomorrow a prosperous day to look forward to.
Sincerely, Naomi , Kissimmee, Fl 

Success Story

I honestly was very skeptical about the whole process of having to exercise, since I lacked motivation. Susan was a great trainer because at times when a workout was tough for me, she was able to distract me, by just talking about something else.....and it worked! I started at 145 lbs. With Susan as my Trainer, she helped me lose inches off my bodyfat and 12 lbs off my weight. I've kept up on my exercises and am now 129 lbs! I wished I could have Susan come all the time to keep me on track. She is also good company and great at what she does. Keep up the great work, Susan and Thank you! You've made me a believer and less of a procrastinator when it comes to getting healthy.
Yours truly,

Success Story
Hi Susan, Thanks so much for keeping me in shape while on my vacation.
I totally enjoyed are sessions and hope we will train together again sometime.
Hope you are well and your family too.
Warm wishes,

Susan is a Personal Trainer in Orlando. You can contact Susan through her  Personal Training Webpage for more information on her services.


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