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Personal Trainer Bio/ Background

Hi I am John, a Personal Trainer in Jupiter, Fl , Hobe Sound, FL and surrounding areas. I have been a fitness enthusiast all of my life and enjoy helping others.
I have been involved with Physical Education/ Fitness for the past 40 years. I taught Physical Education/Aquatics and coached swimming and water polo at a large High School in the Chicago area. Since 2005 I have been actively personal training and coaching masters swimmers and beginning tri-athletes.

I have developed many individual and small group programs for swimmers, tri-athletes, seniors, and general weight loss/ strength training goals. I have a lot of experience with middle age de- conditioned clients.
How long will it take to see the results I want? 
If you are determined to workout a minimum of 3 times per week and make small changes to your eating habits your results will be very noticeable. You will also get good results 2 times per week, but it may not be as dramatic as the process explained below.
Weeks 1-3 Your Energy levels dramatically begin to improve!
Weeks 4-6 Strength levels increase with continued improvement in Energy.
Weeks 6-8 Body Image is changing, your starting to see and feel a Difference
Weeks 8-10 Fat loss is noticeable, it will soon be time to buy new clothes!
Weeks 10 and Beyond You are at a point now where exercise and proper nutrition is easy and part of your life routine. You wonder... why it took you so long to do this?
It is never to late to improve your health and get fit! Invest in your health!

Contact me today and I will give a free consultation and discuss your goals. John



Education/ Certifications

  • BS Degree: Ohio University
  • Masters Degree in Physical Education: Northwestern University
  • Master  Fitness Specialist: Cooper Institute
  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • NCSF Personal Trainer
  • Lifeguard Instructor: Red Cross
  • CPR and AED, First Aid
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