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Hi My name is Alex and I am a Personal Trainer in Bayshore and  the South Tampa area.

I have worked successful with clients from 8 to 78 and enjoy the variety that provides. I grew up in Tampa, played football for a while at the University of Louisville, also for a semi-pro league while in the military, and I love to use athletic type training for clients whenever appropriate, outdoors/indoors..
I also love to work with special populations..finding creative methods and movement re-education to get the job done. Recently I've found small group training to be a valuable option for many it adds support , fun, and accountability (provided the in-home space allows for it)
My health/fitness/workout philosophy centers around the SMART( specific-measurable-action oriented-realistic-timed) goal concept and remembering the fact that I'm not there to show off my smarts or be puffed job is to asses educate motivate train, to help move the client/partner toward their goal in an efficient safe and scientifically supported manner.
So if you want to get fitter..learn more about YOUR body, and have a blast doing is your time and I'm your trainer...let's get started! 
Alex Jordann Darby NSCA-CPT



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Learn more about Personal Training with Alex. Submit your name, e-mail, address, city and any comments/ questions you might have or call 1 800 439 5182

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