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“I've been working out with Zack for over a year.  He is a consummate professional, intent on doing everything in his power to increase my strength, muscle mass, and overall fitness level, while being careful to ensure that my form is always proper and that none of the exercises causes injury to me.  He is also responsive to my communications between workouts and always reasonable and willing to work around the conflicts that sometimes arise in my schedule.  I highly recommend him as a trainer for anyone looking for long-term and caring guidance toward better fitness."
Cyris, M -Evergreen

I'm happy to provide a testimonial on the effects of my working out with you.  When you first approached me, I wasn't sure if I needed to work out with a trainer.  However, I was having serious issues with my sciatic nerve and getting little relief from physical therapy.  I decided to take advantage of the two free evaluations, during which you gave me the floor exercises to do at home as well as the advice to ice that area.  The results were no less than miraculous.  It was then I decided to invest in myself by purchasing a block of sessions with you to try and improve my overall core strength and fitness.  We worked together for 5 months and in that time, my upper body strength and toning is remarkably noticeable.  The few leg exercises I do, which don't irritate my hip joint, have improved my balance and all around strength in that area. 
Joan, P -Cherry Creek

“Training with Zack has been outstanding and has kept me engaged in my workout while teaching me new exercises and techniques to keep fit and stay healthy.  Zach listened to my goals and incorporated the other aspects of my lifestyle and schedule to develop an excellent workout that really kept me going and made me feel great.  Before I could plateau in that routine he revisited the workout and updated it with new exercises to keep me challenged and to continue developing my fitness and health goals.  Zack has excellent exercise, fitness, and health knowledge and experience, which allows him to work with every one of his clients on an individualized and personal level; this allows him to really tailor his training to achieving individual goals in line with the reality of everyday life to maximize personal accomplishment for each client. Whether your goals are to get started on a fitness plan or to refresh the workouts you are currently doing, I would highly recommend Zack as the trainer that will help you achieve what you want from your exercise routine.”  
 Terry, H -Denver

Zack is a Personal Trainer in Colorado. You can contact Zack through his Personal Training Webpage for more information on his services.

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