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Success Story
Through my use of Troy Kidwell's Personal Training sessions and boot camps I have lost over 60lbs. and am keeping it off.  He helped keep me motivated by encouragement and teaching me new things constantly.  I built muscle, shed fat, gained flexibility, and also found self worth that I had been lacking.  He pushes you to be a better you and I feel blessed to have use of his knowledge and expertise.  Thanks Troy :-)
Chrissy Orlando, FL

Success Story

"'I have been working out with Troy over the past 2 years.  It began primarily in the gym with weight training and some classes focused on abdominal s.  Over the last 12 months Troy introduced me to his version of Boot Camp.  I have been working out at Troy's Boot Camp twice a week, and have gained strength, flexibility and endurance.  All of these have helped to eliminate hip and knee pain that I was experiencing before my workouts with Troy.

Troy always works to keep the sessions fresh and challenging.  As soon as I get too comfortable with an exercise or it becomes too easy, Troy throws in a twist.  He is very conscious of form and quick to offer help or correct me to make sure I am getting the most out of the exercise and preventing injury.  I have never left a workout feeling like it was a waste of time or money!  

Lisa, P

Troy is a Personal Trainer in Orlando. You can contact Troy through his  Personal Training Webpage for more information on her services.


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