Stability Ball Training/Core Training
by Personal Fitness Trainer Phil
Philadelphia, PA





The stability ball has come a long way as well as the medicine ball. Both are excellent for overall general conditioning, as well as power and speed training and resistance/core training.  Stability balls started off being used for rehab, but are not a common site in many fitness facilities.

 The importance is having a strong core is overshadowed by the superficial “six pack.” Having a strong core does not mean having a six pack. It means having a strong center of your body where everything stems from!

 It is like having a very poorly designed engine in your car, but having the most expensive tires made! If the engine is weak and not well engineered, ultimately your car will stop running regardless of how good your tires are! That doesn’t mean that your body will stop, but will ultimately not achieve the level of fitness you desire. You can have strong arms, legs, etc , but if your core is weak, it WILL limit your success!

 It seems as if when doing stomach, people tend to think it will get them a six pack. Unless your body fat is low enough, there is no such thing, backed by science that validates spot reduction. It IS a myth!

 When I train clients using a stability ball they get a total body workout, while focusing on, for instance the chest. I have clients use the stability ball, which forces them to develop and engage/recruit their “core.” So when doing a chest press, not only are they working their pectoral muscles, to stabilize, they are using their core. It is called an isometric contraction where the muscle neither shortening nor lengthening.

It starts off with being able to stabilize your core on an unstable surface , the moving to an unstable surface! Believe me, it’s a simple ball and a simple medicine ball, but it is a workout!

 Many of my clients see results this way faster because it comes down to this. When you expend more energy to do your workout, you are costing your body more energy, therefore burning more calories.

I can work a clients glutes, hamstrings and quads all while doing chest press.

 The stability ball allows the client to experience core conditioning like never before. Whether it is stability, core strength or power, it does it all.

 Interested in more? Contact Phil Nicolaou, Expect 2 Get Fit personal trainer who is also a Certified IFPA and NESTA Core Conditioning Specialist. Get a complete, total body challenging workout using a stability ball and 6-8 pound medicine ball!

 When you workout, why not burn more calories by engaging multiple muscles groups?

Learn how !


Phil Nicolaou is a Personal Trainer in the Philadelphia area. You can contact Phil through is Personal Training Webpage for more information on his services.


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