A Body in Motion is a Healthy and Happy Body
from Babies to Seniors

by Personal Fitness Trainer David Mann
Cherry Hill, New Jersey





From the time we are born our motions and movements are our only form of exercise then eventually more specified exercise and sports come into play. We start with our arms and legs, then soon, our shoulders, back and neck. When we are infants muscles are being used and when we are active that is always a good sign from the beginning that we will be in great shape for the future.

 Today more mothers are interacting with their children in an educational / exercise- positive- fun way, which will promote a healthier attitude all together. We as parents need to raise the bar to a healthier, more educational program that will keep our children healthier and wiser.

 With so many sports and activities available to kids today, there is something out there for everyone. The Key to consistency is in the joy that sport or program brings. There are a lot of activities and exercises and eventually sports that we become interested in from an early age, and from that point on, the molding begins.

 Over the many years that I have been training, I always put together a multitude of programs for kids to get them motivated from the earliest age possible. Again, the molding begins and the quest for fitness and balance in life take root.

Teaching from an early age is sometimes difficult for many parents, but the more consistent and persistent you become, the easier it becomes for you to set the stage.

 As the child becomes older, the more adaptable he or she will become and the challenges for staying in shape and keeping in motion will be much more fun and educational.

By the time they become teenagers, the blueprint for a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle will also be in motion and never ending.

 Now he or she is into martial arts, exercising 3xs a week, eating healthy and getting a great education. The key word to consistency is the joy of doing what you like best whether its a variety of sports or programs and as long as you stick to it and keep it well balanced, the program will always work in your favor no matter how young or old you are.

 Now for many, becoming older worrys most people, but if you apply the program as I mentioned in the previous paragraph and throughout this article, that keeping the body in motion no matter how young or old, will always work in your favor!!

 I now have several programs out and about for seniors that will keep them in motion and fit for life. The programs consist of everything from Tai Chi to Boot Camp and are presented in all levels so that each individual will benefit most affectively and safely.

 I have put a lot of years into my training and programs for everyone to learn and achieve their goals no matter how young or old they are and as long as the body is in Motion, you will always be healthy, happy and ready to take on the world!!

 Check out some of the programs in the Haddonfield, New Jersey area: Lincoln commons 2xs a week- Mondays at 1:30 pm Tai Chair and Thursday at 1:30pm Senior Boot Camp.

 At the Tatem School in Haddonfield, I will be teaching Total body sculpting on Monday and Wednesday from 7pm-8pm for the adults, rated intense but easy to follow. And at the Mabel Kay House I have been teaching Tai Chair to the seniors for the past couple of years and will be re-starting their program soon for the Fall season.

David Mann is a Personal Trainer in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. You can contact Dave through is Personal Training Webpage for more information on his services.

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