Nutritional Counseling
by Personal Fitness Trainer Amy Strouse
Scottsdale, Arizona




Healthy eating and proper nutrition is a way of life, NOT a diet.  98% of all diets fail their clients for a variety of reasons whether it be too little carbohydrates, small food portions, starvation…they do not set healthy and realistic goals for the busy lives we all lead in today’s society.  Eat smart and everything in moderation; eating 5-6 smaller planned meals throughout the day will help you avoid snacking and binge eating.

Clients looking fr personal training should also look into nutritional counseling to compliment their training.   First, a client should complete an assessment form to allow for any medical problems, diabetes, or allergies.  The client’s lifestyle, age, weight, activity levels, and goals all play a part in designing a personalized nutritional program.  The daily intake plan is then presented to the client through a consultation followed up with new weekly exciting menu options.  The client should have at least weekly follow up to determine if and when a menu should be adjusted to reach the client’s goals and avoid plateaus.  These programs are intended to educate the client on how to maintain a healthy and nutritional daily intake with no supplements, just common sense and I can promise you that you will not go hungry on these programs. 

Carbohydrates and proteins are necessary for energy and muscle strength in every menu. Protein is the main component of your muscles, organs and glands and helps to regulate the blood sugar and energy levels in the body.  A menu lacking in either is not healthy.  Take for example, the Adkins diet, carbs are cut out and proteins are loaded into the body.  This restricts such a large portion of the food pyramid and a diet too rich in protein and lacking in carbs will deplete muscle glycogen and result in loss of energy and performance.  Most dieters may have short term success, but find it hard not to “yo-yo” back to old habits.  These programs are designed to educate you on your nutritional intake while you lose the pounds, achieve your goals and look and feel healthier for life! 

Bonus Menu Items:

Paul’s Lemon Pasta with Shrimp (10 minutes)

·         ½ box of wheat or veggie angel hair pasta

·         Two lemons

·         1 bag of frozen, cooked and peeled shrimp

·         2 tablespoons olive oil

·         Fresh Basil leaves

·         Pinch of red pepper flakes

-Cook pasta as directed and set aside.  Heat a skillet with olive oil and red pepper.  Take one lemon and shave the about a teaspoon of the rind into the oil.  Squeeze both lemons completely into the skillet and be sure to remove any seeds.  Add the frozen shrimp and simmer until shrimp is heated all the way through. Toss in the wheat pasta, add 3-4 fresh basil leaves and serve.  You can add fresh veggies like asparagus, broccoli, or squash as well. 


Paul’s Jerk Chicken and Grilled Pineapple (15 minutes)

·         Two large chicken breasts thawed

·         1 package store bought Jerk seasoning

·         1 fresh pineapple

Shake the jerk seasoning (save a little for the pineapple) onto wet, thawed chicken breasts.  Skin, core and slice your pineapple and sprinkle just a little of the jerk seasoning onto each slice.  Place all on the grill until cooked.   Serve with brown rice and black beans of a green leafy salad if desired.


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  Amy Strouse is a Personal Trainer in Arizona. You can contact Amy through her  Personal Training Webpage for more information on her services.


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