In Home Personal Training Rates


   In Home Personal Training Rates
How Much does In Home Personal Training Cost?




If your searching for in home personal training rates then congratulations! You are taking one of the first steps on starting personal training program and getting to your fitness goals.

A personal trainers most frequently asked question for in home personal training is what are your rates. Prices can vary from trainer to trainer depending on where they live and their experience levels.

In home personal trainers in major metro areas such as NYC or Los Angeles can be as much as $150 per hr or more. The good news is normally you can find a well qualified in home personal trainer for between $50 to $75 per hr in smaller towns and cities around the USA like Personal Trainers in Jacksonville FL. Of course you can always find low price leaders out their charging much less but its best to check references and experience levels. Most personal trainers offer packages to clients. This can work well in your favor if you are serious about getting results. Buying larger packages 15-20 sessions or more will give you a much better price per session.

A good example of a in home trainers rates might looks like this.

  5 sessions $65 per session
10 sessions $60 per session
15 sessions $55 per session
20 sessions $50 per session
30 sessions $45 per session

All trainers should have pricing sheets and contracts made up when meeting with you. You might also be required to complete your sessions in a certain time period that you both agree on. Most in home personal trainers offer free consultations either in your home, a public meeting spot or by phone. They can then explain in detail what you will receive for the package you are interested in purchasing. Hopefully this has helped in shedding more light on what you can expect to pay for in home personal training.

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