The Fat Loss VS Weight Loss Debate
by Personal Fitness Trainer Phil
Philadelphia, PA





To this day, I don’t understand why people focus on, “how much do I weigh?” It does not matter!

 Muscle weights approx 60% more than fat, so why would anyone care if they were 5 pounds heavier but had a 35 inch waist, low resting heart rate and low body fat??

 Our society focuses on “weight loss” and it always comes down to people loose muscle because they do not weight train. If you do not strength train, you will loose muscle, no question about it. Whether it is a weight loss center you are visiting, the best approach is to combine portion control, with variety with whole foods, fruits and vegetables, and small frequent meals with lean proteins!

 I’ve have seen people ask me, I weighted myself this morning and I didn’t drop a pound in a month at all! Stop it! How much you weight should not be on your list of priorities. Your body fat should, as well as your resting heart rate.

 Keep in mind, the fitness supplement industry is a billion dollar industry. They make billions on selling “weight loss” drugs that are glorified cups of coffee, or make use of some herbal formula that is not backed by science. Also keep in mind, companies can put whatever they want on a label, especially for fat burners. There are no regulations about this.

 The scale is too emphasized in today’s society. Yet we completely forgot about the “healthy eating” aspect of life and focus on that darn scale. The scale sees weight, plain and simple. It can NOT decipher between muscle and fat weight. So if you are constantly dropping weight and cutting calories to critical levels, you are loosing muscle, so yes you are weighing less and I promise you, you will end up being fatter!

 Try this on for size. Get up in the morning, weigh yourself. Then drink a pint of water, then weigh yourself again. You just gained a pound!! Oh no! You are hydrated. Water has weight to it! What do you think most of your body is made up of?! WATER! Did you get fatter in a matter of 10 minutes? Not at all!

 One critical problem with today’s society is our lack of physical actions. Whether it’s the fad diets we have, the never ending fat loss pills or the weight loss centers that focus on the scale, we are fed with tons if incorrect information..

 What’s the problem with La Weight loss, Weight Watchers..etc?

My mother used to belong to La Weight Loss. She lose weight but guess what. They said one thing to her that was completely absurd and it was bothersome to me, a personal trainer. “You don’t have to exercise to loose weight.” If anyone tells you this, it IS WRONG! Run! They are loosing business because of this simple thing!

I don’t care what they say, they have a misguided approach to health and wellness!

Yes, they ask you to practice portion control, but their systems and methods are flawed. Don’t have to agree with me, but it is the truth.

Their focus is on fiber and the scale. I asked a client of mine that chose to discontinue their services and work with me instead, why she canceled. Her reason was because they never measured her. Her ENTIRE fitness level was determined by that scale. Never mind body fat, circumference measurements, resting heart rate, nothing. Just the scale. She said she was loosing weight, as the scale reflected, but no one bothered to tell her that the weight she was loosing was MUSCLE! She was loosing the very thing that boosts her metabolism , continuously throughout the day! So she was frustrated and got fatter attending their classes.

 Then you wonder why enrollment is at an all time low in these weight loss centers.

Do yourselves a favor, hire a nutritionist or a dietitian. Someone who is qualified to give comprehensive nutrition counseling. Exercise regularly, eat good, whole food with a lot of variety. Eat fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and smaller, frequent meals.

Don’t waste your time on these scams!

 Weight loss is a billion dollar industry scam! Fat loss is key. If you decided to hire a health and fitness professional, they should assess you and it MUST include flexibility test, core strength/stability test, resting heart rate, vo2 max, circumference measurements including body fat!

 People get scammed all the time. Out of desperation, out of frustration seeking the answer. The answer is LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Nothing more or less! Healthy eating and frequent exercise. There is NO WAY around this.

 In addition to proper eating, proper hydration with cold water to boost the metabolism and, fiber and plenty of rest!

 Please don’t emphasize “my body weight.” TRUST ME. Over 7 years in the industry, ive seen it and it concerns me. Why people are so focused on the scale.

One thing to certainly keep in mind is BMI. While that is based on body weight, that has been proven to be, a factor of your progress to keep in mind, but not to stress over it.

People are build differently, so BMI varies and tends to be REALLY scewed!

 Test your body fat once a month, keep a food log, eat well and smart, stay hydrated , keep a log of your resting heart rate, and circumference measurements and you will see results!

  I am a Certified Fitness Nutritionist through NESTA. I can give you comprehensive guidance to get you results.

Phil is a Personal Trainer in the Philadelphia area. You can contact Phil through is Personal Training Webpage for more information on his services.


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