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I have never been an exercise person, which only made things worse as I aged.  With my ever increasing waist line I tried many different ways to lose the weight, from weight watchers to joining a gym.  But my lack of motivation prevented me from meeting my goals. Until I met Anja.
Anja’s liveliness and positive energy invigorates the most lackluster exercise persons.  Her acute sense of training guides you through a series of exercises personally designed to meet your needs as well as protect what may hurt you.  Her nutritional counseling and knowledge of diet educates you on the proper food to eat as well as the amount and timing.
I never thought I would be lifting 10 pound weights, doing push ups, or straight sit ups.  But after three short months my body was more muscular and able to perform exercises I thought impossible.  Even on days where I am tired or head aching, after an hour with Anja I feel positive and more healthy. 
I look forward to my sessions with Anja and would recommend her services to anyone, especially those who lack motivation.
Mary, D Glenside, PA


I am a seventy three years old woman, who has suffered from osteoarthritis for almost thirty years. The pills usually prescribed for arthritis either upset my stomach or raised my blood pressure. After two years with a chiropractor and several years of aquatic exercises, both of which gave some relief but did not last, I tried physical therapy. This really helped, but in spite of the fact that I knew it worked, I was unable to get motivated enough to do the exercises on my own.

In desperation I hired Anja and she changed my life. She motivated me to exercise daily. When I wanted to stop after ten sit-ups she would urge me to do fifteen. Now, six months later, as I exercise on my own and want to stop, I imagine that I hear her saying, "Come on! You can do it!" and I do thirty sit-ups.
Margaret, PA

Anja is a Personal Trainer in Pennsylvania. You can contact Anja through her Radnor Personal Training Webpage for more information on her services.

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